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Knowledge Management at Swimminghall

Knowledge is an important resource

The tacit knowledge of sports venue management, such as the impact of weather on visitor numbers, can be studied by examining access control data and cash register information at event venues combined with weather data. Analytics is an important part of procurement and investments, but analytics can also support daily change management, performance management, and human resource management. The goal of analytics operations is to collect and combine data as efficiently and accurately as possible, while management focuses on conducting analyses and utilizing the information in organizational leadership. Automating reporting and machine-made forecasts saves significant time.

Strategy and planning What kind of goals are there for the operation of a swimming hall? What kind of information will help us achieve our goals? Analyzing data and displaying it on an analytics software dashboard can help develop the business and measure results effectively.

Knowing your customers and customer focus

Knowing your customers is essential when serving different age groups and people with special needs. Analyzing the data from access control devices at the swimming hall classifies user groups and preferences, which is excellent material for service design and development. Opening hours are important for customers to maintain a certain service level and for the service provider to maintain a certain cost structure. Analytics provide useful information to meet everyone's needs.

Communication and marketing

Knowing your customers and their needs helps target your communication and marketing to specific groups of people in a way that suits them. Sometimes swimming halls compete for the choice of sport with other activities or other event venues. Therefore, it is essential to know the profile of the sports venue and be able to offer the kind of service experience that visitors are looking for. The number of visitors can be increased with knowledge-based service design and data-driven marketing targeting ideal customers. Traffic congestion can be addressed by renewing tickets and encouraging the audience to use another schedule, usually lowering the ticket price during quiet times. Enhanced communication and marketing also have an impact on revenue.

A well-functioning entity creates a meaningful experience

Swimming halls have various responsibilities, tasks, and obligations that must all serve a unified goal: a pleasant customer experience for swimmers! Good communication and collaboration require continuous efforts from managers and supervisors as well as all professionals working at the event venue. Knowledge management is a useful tool in organizational development and service management. Openly shared information motivates working towards common goals and increases staff innovation. Accurate information shared openly within the organization can also increase the well-being of staff and management members.



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