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frequently asked questions

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How does your product work? How can I know which is the best choice for my situation?

Our KUB product family forms a whole of information management, ie at its widest, our product is the so-called turnkey solution. However, creating a culture of knowledge management is a process, and we can provide our services to its various stages. We assist you in the first steps or take care of the technical side or help with the the findings found in the analysis and in the utilization. KUB products solve the problems in different stages that arise in the knowledge management path. The first discussion goes through the current situation and based on that we recommend the right product.


How can I start managing with knowledge?

We recommend that at the very beginning we sit down together and look at what kind of data and where you accumulate, what things are essential in your business, what goals you have for information about management and its benefits. This is done through the KUB Adopt process. Once the goal and the current situation are clear, practical actions and systematic knowledge management can be started.


Can I try knowledge management?

When you have quality data from different sources, you can try data management. For example, you can call on our experts to help you analyze your data and use it to implement their findings and recommendations. This will allow you to experience on a practical level the benefits of knowledge management for your business.

What does knowledge management mean?

Leadership is about making decisions. They can be based on “gut feeling”, reports, experience, etc. When talking about the narrow meaning of information management, decision-making is based on fragmented or old information, such as previous month’s reports. In a broader sense, knowledge management means a strategic management and operating model in which information is collected, processed and utilized systematically. Decision making is based on up-to-date analyzed information and data in all units and levels of the organization. Systematic information management is supported by processes in which information is collected and processed by automated solutions for decision making.

Who is knowledge management for?

All organizations can embrace the culture of knowledge management. Knowledge management is suitable for various companies and public administration organizations, regardless of size and industry. The only condition is that measurable data is accumulated on the activity.


How do I get your solution?

Tell us about your goals and needs. Based on them, we can provide the right solution.


Does deploying your program require an extensive IT project?

Deploying KUB Soft software does not require a long, complex and heavy IT project. The software is ready, it connects the data sources you already have through the APIs, adds any external data sources, and modifies the software to suit your needs. Deployment of KUB Soft typically takes only a few weeks to a couple of months.


Is your service expensive?

We claim that the benefits you receive, measured in euros, are many times higher than the price of our services. The price in euros for the service is determined as the sum of many factors, eg in KUB Software, the total price is affected by the number of data sources and possible external data sources.

As a general rule, do you process data from one company? Or do you offer a solution for combining numerous different companies and numerous different formats of data?

We process as many different company and / or business data as there is a need. The KUB Soft system horizontally assembles data sources, harmonizes and combines the desired views based on them. Views can be restricted by configuring different levels or data sums for different levels.

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