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On the KnowUr.Biz dashboards you can see in one overview  how your sportfacility is doing. The dashboards can be adapted to your own preferences. From these dashboards you can directly transfer to the deeper analysis in the supporting reports. Here you can find all the detailed information you might need. 


In the reports, you can easily analyze your visits and compare them with a previous day/week/year/years. You can also see, for example, how many visitors you've had on your busiest day so far and what the forecast is for the number of visitors in the end of the year. 


Additionally, KUB shows the impact that weather has had on your visitor numbers. In Sales, the revenue is displayed, whether it is per hour, per week, or per year. Of course, you can also zoom in on the underlying data. Energy consumption can also be monitored. You have insight into the amount of energy and water used and solar energy generated.

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