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On the KnowUr.Biz dashboards you can see in one overview  how your sportfacility is doing. The dashboards can be adapted to your own preferences. From these dashboards you can directly transfer to the deeper analysis in the supporting reports. Here you can find all the detailed information you might need. 

KnowUr.Biz is getting the data from your current software systems. Therefore you can still use your own systems. KnowUr.Biz currently has a lot of integrations with our softwarepartners. If KnowUr.Biz has not yet the integration you need, we will contact the concerning company to make sure the integration is produced anyway. Connecting these different systems into one gives you the complete overview of your sportsfacility. 

Many of our clients have to make management reports for the municipality. This often takes a lot of time. Using KnowUr.Biz this is pasttime. With one press of the button the report is produced, just how you want it to be. This saves a lot of time.

Next to analyzing data on a management level, KnowUr.Biz can also combine all the data from the installations and long-term maintainance planning. This in combination with the actual usage of the installations and the number of visitors can be use to see if replacement or repair of the systems is needed. 

With KnowUr.Biz it is possible to be kept up to date with your sportsfacilities using notifications on your mail or phone. Both when focussing on tasks that are lying around and when certain installations approach or breach their registered thresholds. This gives you hands on, direct actions to do and makes sure that everything is done the right moment.

KnowUr.Biz uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make forecasts for number of visitors, sales, bookings and energyconsumption. Togehter with combining this with the weather and important local and global events you get the best predictions to know when you need to adapt your number of staff or how hard the installations are working.

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