is a knowledge management pioneer born from the insight of making better use of already existing business information. We improve the operations of our customers by helping them to collect, enrich and analyze business data more efficiently and to find development opportunities there. We are known for our ability to find and identify anomalies, their causes, and opportunities to sharpen business.

Our Products

KUB Soft - Analysis software

KUB Soft is data collection and analysis software that helps to process, manage and utilize large amounts of data. From the system you can see relevant information up to date at a glance, past, present and forecasts for the future.

KUB Soft helps organizations make better decisions, based on accurate and relevant, up-to-date information. The benefit arises from the observations made and the actions taken in accordance with them.

KUB Adopt - Facilitation

KUB Adopt is a consulting process that aims to transform the company's operating culture into a knowledge management culture, based on the company's strategy. The goal of the process is to engage the entire organization in goal-oriented information management.

KUB Adopt helps to create a strategy-based plan for information management in the organization, as well as a tracked metric.

KUB Analyze - analysis service

If a company doesn’t have enough resources to research data and make observations, KUB Analyze will help. It is an expert service where our experienced experts go through the data generated by the organization. The company receives ready-made and substantiated proposals for changes in operations to obtain business benefits.

Our analysis experts are at your disposal for a limited time or indefinitely.

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